Bricktops Club

Cover of Bricktop's Club, showing a jazz singer in Paris.
Bricktop’s Club by Genevieve Puttay

Bricktop’s Club is set in the eclectic jazz-filled streets of Montmartre, Paris. In the present day, we meet Ariadne and Branston – best friends who run a small bar inside a Moulin. They visit Bricktop – an old friend – and she tells them a story, transporting them back to the second world war where Paris was under Nazi occupation. Through her eyes, we experience the jazz scene in its heyday in which she founded Montmartre’s go-to nightspot – ‘Bricktop’s Club’. She also tells them of a secret that she’s kept close to her heart for over seventy years. She beseeches Ariadne and Branston to track down her estranged daughter and assure her that the hardest decision she ever had to make was the right one.

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