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Fall Writing Frenzy 2021

The Challenge

Pick one of the Fall images (provided) and write a 200-word max piece inspired by that picture.

Rosh Hashanah – Credit: Bing

My Entry: BAD APPLES (158 words)

Three stinky children reeking of candyfloss and syrup stole into my garden one day, and with their grubby little hands plucked three of my ruby Red Deliciouses. Their eyes danced with dreams of toffee apples. They shrugged away warnings that A WITCH LIVES ‘ERE.

Two cups of flour and one cup of fat. Maybe I’ll dunk those brats in scorching sugar. Six teaspoons of ice-cold water, the kind you’ll find in the deepest, darkest, depths of my well. Maybe I’ll glaze their chubby cheeks with caramel. Press together into silky dough. Perhaps I’ll mount them on giant popsicle sticks. And flatten with a rolling pin like roadkill.

But they’d only scare off the crows.

Two hours later, to the sound of silence in the playground, I rested the steaming hot pie on the window ledge. Honey and spice frosted the air. Crumbly pastry sparkling with sugar longed to be cracked. And beneath?

The perfect recipe for bad apples.

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