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Spring Fling Writing Contest 2021

The Challenge

Find a gif and write a spring-inspired story. Anything related to Spring, geared towards kids ages 12 and under. 150 words max.


(150 WORDS)

Ever heard of the Springtime Grouch? The plague of Seedtime. The witherer of all that grows.

With the personality of stinky socks, he dines on slug curry and maggot rice. His favourite day of the year is Valentine’s Day; he celebrates by sneaking into the local greetings card shop and with a thick marker colours all the ruby-red hearts black. And he doesn’t even stay in the lines.

He’s a wet blanket, a stick-in-the-mud; all parties are pooped when he’s around. With Spring festivals and sunshine, the Grouch doesn’t care if the world is in bloom. His eyes – like two melancholy curled-up woodlice – are one blink away from murder.

The Easter Bunny should be stowed in a pot! The boiling kind.

If you happen to see him poking around your garden with his shovel of bats, don’t for Pete’s sake let him stay… Tell the Springtime Grouch to GO AWAY.

THANKYOU to everyone involved in this fab competition for their amazing generosity and for putting a spring in my step this year. I had so much fun bringing the Springtime Grouch to life!

And be sure to check out Ciara’s blog for all the other incredible entries from the wonderful kidlit community.

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