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First Mate and dead on his feet, Levi has the pleasure of inducting Sam, the newest soul aboard the ghost ship the Humble Brag. Fearless, covered in shark bites, and pretty okay about being dead, Levi likes her immediately. Besides, no-one ever said a floating graveyard couldn’t use a bit of spirit. The induction is interrupted when an epic squall threatens the afterlives of everyone on board. Levi and his dad – Captain of the Brag – know their only hope is to outrace the terror. But something else is working the graveyard shift that night…

The Kujira: a titanic and macabre skeletal whale, rides the storm and the deep blue sea. Fleeing at full sail from the gruesome whale, an almighty onslaught flings Cap off the ship. The Kujira hauls him down to the underworld and tears Levi’s afterlife apart. Without Cap, the ship will fade to nothing, leaving the crew at the mercy of the beast. The crew beg Levi to step up and captain the Brag. But with Cap’s link to the ship severed, their blighted afterlives are doomed to the underworld. Their wretched fate, sealed.

And then Sam’s like, ‘Why don’t we just nip down to the underworld and rescue him?’

Save the Captain. Save the Brag.

The Graveyard Book meets Pirates of the Caribbean, SAVING THE HUMBLE BRAG is perfect for fans of Dashe Roberts (Sticky Pines) and Jennifer Killick (Crater Lake) and anyone who loves dark adventure and spine-tingling horror laced with humour.

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