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The Kujira: a titanic and macabre skeletal whale that reaps the souls of the damned. Twelve-year-old Levi has been fleeing it for 387 years.

First Mate Levi is dead on his feet, but there’s a new soul aboard the ghost ship the Humble Brag. Sam is fearless, covered in shark bites, and she’s pretty okay about being dead. Levi likes her immediately, because no-one ever said a floating graveyard couldn’t use a bit of spirit. A ship of rescued souls, they make the best of the afterlife, flying full sail from the gruesome whale—fugitives from the dreaded below.

But it all comes crashing down when an epic storm hits and Levi’s dad – Captain of the Brag – is flung overboard into the jaws of the Kujira and hauled down to the underworld. With the supernatural link to the ship severed, the Humble Brag will fade to nothing, and they’ll all be next on the Kujira’s menu.

And then Sam’s like, “Why don’t we just nip down to the underworld and rescue him?”

Levi is faced with a chilling dilemma that involves going to the one place he’s spent 387 years running away from in a terrifying race against time. The clock is ticking. Eighty-two salvaged souls aboard the Brag are relying on Levi to step up and be the leader he never wanted to be.

Save the Captain. Save the Brag.

The Graveyard Book meets Pirates of the Caribbean, SAVING THE HUMBLE BRAG is perfect for fans of Dashe Roberts (Sticky Pines) and Jennifer Killick (Crater Lake) and anyone who loves dark adventure and spine-tingling horror laced with humour.

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