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“They’re coming, boy. They’ll be here any moment. Don’t talk to them. Don’t speak at all if you can help it. And for pity’s sake, boy – don’t make them angry.

Blurb from Ross Montgomery’s website

On a dark and lonely Christmas Eve…
In an ancient dining room of an ancient college…
Lewis, the kitchen boy, is helping to prepare a highly unusual feast.

For tonight is the meeting of a secret club for those who despise children, warmth, happiness, and above all, CHRISTMAS.

Each guest must compete to tell the most terrifying, gruesome tale they know…

Who will win? And how will Lewis ever get out alive?

Image from Ross Montgomery’s website

I love Christmas, like, love it, so if you want to talk about joy and love and candy-canes – then I’ll be there with jingle bells on! But, I hope we can all agree there’s nothing better than when Christmas goes creepy.

Christmas Dinner of Souls is gloriously dark and deliciously macabre. I devoured it! The format is brilliant, with seven dinner guests tasked with having to tell their most gruesome Christmas story. Some of those stories are seriously chilling. Some of them are downright terrifying!

This is definitely a read-aloud book. I’m already planning Christmas Eve: with hot chocolate, and blankets, and Christmas Dinner of Souls by Ross Montgomery. If you’re craving a spine-chilling story this Christmas, maybe something weird and wonderfully horrible, then I wholeheartedly recommend this book!

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