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A murderous martian is hunting spookynatural-obsessed Vinny and his extra-terrestrial sidekick, and it’s gonna take an offbeat band of misfits, a couple of lawless capers and a whole bunch of detention to beat him.

ASTRO is perfect for fans of Dashe Roberts’ The Bigwoof Conspiracy and Ross Welford’s The Kid Who Came from Space, with a super-fly serving of The Goonies.

It’s 1994! Vinny (11) is crazy-for-cocoa-puffs about aliens, The X-Files is his favourite tv show and he genuinely believes the truth is out there. When an alien spacecraft crash-lands in his back-garden, he envisages little green men. What he gets is a straight-talking, cantankerous spaceslug called Astro.

Spaceslugs have been coming to Earth for decades, so when Astro arrives, he expects a spectacular welcome party, or at the very least – a fruit basket. Instead, he gets a warm satsuma and the knowledge that his fellow astronauts have been destroyed by a genocidal, lilac fedora-wearing, extra-terrestrial lunatic called Murtlap Indigo. He doesn’t just destroy the spaceslugs, he has a weapon that zaps away their personality, leaving the victim a mindless Earth slug. With the ability to disguise himself as a human, Murtlap Indigo could be anyone.

Vinny and Astro team up with an unlikely bunch of misfits. They call themselves the Da Vinci club. Together, they battle against Murtlap Indigo: heisting the underground vaults of the Space Museum, stealing a Spitfire, flying to the Bermuda Triangle, and landing a whole heck of detention.

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