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Fall Writing Frenzy 2020

The Challenge

Pick one of the Fall images (provided) and write a 200 word-max piece inspired by that picture.

Image (9) courtesy of Unsplash

My Entry: SKELETON CAREER DAY (195 words)

Blustering into the dingy café, the skeleton plonked his weary bones on the chair.

“How did it go?” said his rickety friend. “Did you share your ambitions?”

The skeleton leaned towards the candle in the centre of the table and his eye sockets lit up. “I told her I wanna be a crash-test dummy! I wanna save lives with my bones.” He waved his scraggy hand in the air, painting a picture with his phalanges.

“And?” His friend rubbed his hand-bones together. “What did she say?”

The skeleton hung his skull. “She said I didn’t have the stomach for it.”

His friend thoughtfully tapped his chin. “I thought you wanted to be a stand-up comedian?”

 “I did, but she said there’s not a funny bone in my body.” He gloomily swigged his pumpkin-spiced latte, which cascaded through his bones and puddled by his metatarsals. “I even volunteered to be part of a skeleton crew—”

“Oof, not many of those about.”

“What can I say? I was desperate!”

“So, what did she mark you down for, in the end?”

The skeleton slumped and rubbed a bony hand over his bony pate. “The usual. Halloween decoration.”

26 thoughts on “Fall Writing Frenzy 2020

  1. You had me laughing at the get-go with the title – career day – so original and creative. I loved all the humor and the voice ooozed out of this. Great job! Good luck!


  2. LOL. Seriously, this made me laugh out loud. Such a hilarious anatomic, comedic piece with clever word choice (“scraggy,” “swigged”) and puns (“don’t have the stomach for it.) And the story fits the image so well. Bone-us points for ingenious STEM elements! @AnneLipton

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  3. Bravo Gen! I thought all the puns worked, and your descriptions were great for conjuring up images in a reader’s mind. Your whole dialogue perfectly fit the photo… truly perfect pairing. I feel like if you found the right cartoonist, this would make an outstanding story for a comic, taken even further into giggle territory. Good luck. Stay well.✌🏼💙🎶🎨📚😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Annie! Your comment has really made my day! And what a fab idea to get a little artistic with it… You’ve got my creative cogs turning. 💙✨

      Liked by 1 person

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