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ME THEN: I’ve always loved books. You can thank my Nan for that. A day out with her would involve going to the local library where everyone knew her name and always had the newest book saved under the counter for her, and we’d emerge an hour later with a stack as tall as me. […]


The Kujira: a titanic and macabre skeletal whale that reaps the souls of the damned. Twelve-year-old Levi has been fleeing it for 387 years. First Mate Levi is dead on his feet, but there’s a new soul aboard the ghost ship the Humble Brag. Sam is fearless, covered in shark bites, and she’s pretty okay […]

2020: all my 5-star reads!

Here they are: all the fabulous fiction that got ALL THE STARS from me! They are in no particular order (just the order I read them in) and along with the book’s blurb, you can click through to the Book Depository link should any take your fancy. It’s been so wonderful revisiting the amazing books […]

Five Middle-Grade Books… with Monsters

THE MAKER OF MONSTERS by Lorraine Gregory Brat has always lived in the isolated castle on the island, taking care of the vicious creatures that his master creates, waiting in terror for the moment when they are ready to be put to use. But then the unthinkable happens. The monsters get out. Now Brat must […]

Five Middle-Grade Books… with Witches

THE JUMBIES by Tracey Baptiste Corinne La Mer isn’t afraid of anything. Not scorpions, not the boys who tease her, and certainly not jumbies. They’re just tricksters parents make up to frighten their children. Then one night Corinne chases an agouti all the way into the forbidden forest. Those shining yellow eyes that followed her […]


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